addiction and artistsThe visual arts are rich with media that will tantalize your visual senses. There is an innumerable amount of visual arts to choose from, ranging from electronic art to photography to traditional art and beyond. The visual arts are one the oldest known forms of art in existence. They date all the way back to cave drawings created by ancient tribal people and cavemen, and have remained valuable to human civilization all the way up until modern times. People now experience the visual arts in museums, on their walls at home, in public spaces and on their digital media devices. The visual arts are something that people pride themselves on as something that sets us apart from the animal kingdom.

Traditional art is the oldest form of art in existence. The creation of digital art involves assembling and manipulating hard materials into visual art, which sets it apart from photography and digital art. Whether it is an art utensil print on a canvas or a type of sculpture created with hard materials, traditional art is the most tangible artistic medium there is. Traditional art includes everything from the aforementioned cave drawings all the way up to contemporary modern museum art.

After traditional art came photography, which first came into existence in the mid 1800’s. Photography was originally purposed as a tool for documenting, but the potential of photography as an artistic medium quickly became realized. Since then, photography galleries and museums have sprung up around the world and photography is celebrated as one of our most prized art forms.

And finally, electronic art emerged when tools became available that allowed artists to use a digital medium as their canvas. This artistic medium closely relates to traditional art, but the materials are soft instead of hard, meaning they are electronic rather than physical. Digital art is, of course, the most recent type of visual art and is still evolving in many ways, but is already considered an important and historic artistic medium that will revolutionize the way humanity shares and appreciates art.