addiction visual artistArtists are a very unique and talented group of people whose skills enrich the lives of everyone who experiences them. Art is one of the oldest professions on earth, and while it may not be necessary to our survival, it is necessary to our humanity. To be an artist means to be very visually charged and to see the world in terms of shapes, colors, angles, lines and other visual layers. It also connotes a sensitive, experimental personality. An artist’s personality can take them to the philosophical depths of existence, but it can also be prone to addiction and mental disorders more so than in other professions. The reasons for this are complex.

One of the primary reasons artists are prone to addiction is that all creative people, artists, musicians, actors and so on, are experimental by nature. Creativity requires experimentation in order to thrive and to keep one’s perspective original. Unfortunately, this quality of an artist’s personality is also one of the ways addiction gets in the door. Artists often dabble in addictive substances and activities in order to expand their minds and alter their thinking to keep their perspectives fresh. However, as many people discover, moderating and limiting one’s use of addictive substances and activities is not so easy.

Another contributing factor to the problem of addiction among artists is their sensitive, emotional nature. Because artistic endeavors require a person to be tuned in to subtleties and sentiments, people who are sensitive by nature gravitate toward the arts. This quality makes them excel in the arts, but can hinder them in life. Sensitivity mixed with an extended unhealthy environment can result in addiction and mental disorder. One of the most common reasons for people to become addicts is in an attempt to cope with mental hardships, such as stress, anger, anxiety or depression. Sadly, these attributes are often found among artists.

If you know an artist who is struggling with addiction, help them by making them aware of addiction treatment that is tailored to the artistic mind. They can receive help from fellow artists who have recovered from addiction and know what they are going through. No one should have to suffer through addiction alone. Reach out for help today!